.....engaging with policies from a Gender Perspective

Our Vision

ABANTU has a vision of a world in which "empowered women and men work together to address gender inequalities and promote transformational leadership and development for a just society".


ABANTU exist's to "build the capacity of women to participate in decision-making at all levels, to influence policies from a gender perspective and to address inequalities and injustices in social relationships".

The organization is a network of people who believe that gender disparity is an injustice, which contributes to poverty and ignorance and therby hinders development. Although ABANTU is an independent organization, its major strenght lies in its ability to mobilize women and men from diverse organizations to forge strategic alliance in order to advance its cause. The organizations therefore seeks to achieve this through, advocacy, training, research, institutional development and networking.

Training & CapacityBuilding

Under our Training and Capacity Building programmes, we sensitise policy-makers...

Advocacy, PublicAwareness

ABANTU organizes reflection seminars and poblic policy forums round the four thematic areas of governance....

Research, PublicationsInformation

Research is conducted on each of the thematic areas of work namely, governance, conflict, povert and ICTs....